What is Twelve Birthdays?

We wanted to give back to a community that has supported our business so much, so to do that we have started a cause called Twelve Birthdays. It was inspired by a organization we have been working with for a number of year called Icing Smiles, which seeks out bakers to provide cakes to children with extreme illnesses. Twelve Birthdays is a similar concept but will additionally be available to children who have faced significant life changing or rough living situations such as experiencing a great loss, like losing a parent or a home due to flooding or fires, or children coming out of tough living situations such as abuse, neglect, homelessness, or abandonment,

How do you receive a cake?

Individuals can nominate children who they feel are deserving of recieveing our monthly birthday cake by filling out the form below. Forms must be submitted the month before the childā€™s birthday two weeks prior to that months end (for example, if the birthday was July 7th, the form would need to be submitted two weeks before the end of June). Near the end of the month we will review the submissions and pick one child who we feel is the most deserving.

Additional Details

Children will be required to be between the ages of 1 and 18 years old and have no specific allergy needs or dietary restrictions due to the fact that we cannot legally bake cakes to suit those needs. The cake will be designed by Southern Couture Cakes and have a maximum of 30 servings. In some certain situations, additional details will need to be provided to prove eligibility. Child will be limited to one free cake per lifetime.